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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of our the frequently asked questions which may help you with your own queries. Please also see our Help page.

Should I report all the errors I find?

You don't need to report every action you make. You can contact us via email or the forum for any errors you cannot fix - if you do come across any problems please provide us with the page reference which is listed on the transcript window. The Administrator will review the page & your report. There is no need to give a detailed report of transcription errors which you are able to edit.


How do I insert a line for a missed entry?

If you locate a missing entry, click the 'Add' link located under Actions on the transcript window. You have the option of adding the missing entry either before or after the entry you have clicked on, this ensures that it is inserted into the correct place. Please fill in all details and once completed press insert.


'I can't read the census image...'

Please try to read the first letter or letters and then put '?' - try not to put a '?' at the start of the name unless it is completely illegible. Please read the General Transcription Deciphering Pointers listed under Help for further information on deciphering handwriting. Due to the age and condition of some records it is sometimes impossible to get a better copy.


'I can't view the image...'

Try using the 'open/refresh image' link on the toolbar at the top of the page tool window.

Make sure that the image window isn't hidden behind any other windows you may have open.

Check that you have Javascript enabled. See 'How to allow javascript'

If the image window is open and the image viewer toolbar is showing but there is still no image use the 'refresh image' link on the toolbar. Check you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.


Why can't I Access the old Census Indexing Project?

The focus of the indexing project has now changed. With so many census transcriptions now available online it has become imperative that this information is checked for accuracy.


Should I change enumerator errors

We are trying to create a secondary source that matches the original document, if we do not transcribe this 'as is' then it could be deemed that we have applied personal opinion to a historical document. Therefore, to maintain the integrity of the original, enumerator errors should be transcribed even though they appear incorrect.


The image doesn't match the transcription

Should the image not correspond at all with the data to edit, look at a few pages immediately prior to and following the current image. This can be achieved by using the links < or > located either side of the 'Refresh Image' link at the top left of the image window.

Whether or not you find the image please use the 'Report Image' link to alert us that the images need to be re-aligned with the data. This link is found at the top-right of the data page. If you have located the correct census image then please proceed to checking the records.


How do I use my credits?

Credits can be redeemed by clicking the 'Use Credits' link at the bottom of your homepage, this will open a pop up window. The subscriptions we offer to The Genealogist are listed. Vouchers can be used towards products from S&N Genealogy Supplies or to top up existing subscriptions. Once you have decided on the voucher / subscription you would like, choose it from the list and press the 'select' button. If you are ordering a subscription please enter the name of the subscription you would like. All rewards are set up / sent by a member of admin and can only be processed during normal office hours.


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