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Spending your spare time on the indexer means that you help to produce the highest quality data for publishing on www.thegenealogist.co.uk, benefiting family historians and yourself.

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Spend these on genealogy products on GenealogySupplies.com or subscriptions to TheGenealogist.co.uk.


Tithe Colour Maps - Essex Join Project

Help locate these early Essex Colour Tithe maps of the UK by placing points on the old and new maps....

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Tithe Apportionment Maps - Oxfordshire Join Project

Help locate these early Oxfordshire Tithe maps of the UK by placing points on the old and new maps. ...

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Choose from a number of varied projects at difficulties to suit your experience.

Volunteer to Photograph or Transcribe Headstones

TheGenealogist is running a project to photograph and transcribe churchyards from around the world. We are building the most comprehensive record of headstones for family research, and helping to preserve the memories these fragile stones provide.


A Breath of Fresh Air

Enjoy the outdoor life, genealogy or photography? Join our project and photograph headstones in your area.

We are looking for volunteers to take the pictures and transcribe the records.

Earn Credits to Spend on Family History

With every stone photographed or transcribed, you will be earning credits to spend against subscriptions at TheGenealogist.co.uk or products at GenealogySupplies.com.

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As little or as much as you can spare, we ask for a minimum of a page of checking as this is necessary for scoring rewards.

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