Census - 1841 Durham HO_302 Book 13


Help transcribe rescanned 1841 census images.

Difficulty Level Notes

The handwriting may be difficult to read - try to confirm names and/or places by cross-referencing with other sources, such as the BMD indexes or google map.
Help notes for each column can be found by clicking the ? link in each column heading. Please be aware of the 'Ditto' which can be abbreviated to 'Do' and means the same as directly above.

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Difficulty Intermediate
Credits Per Row 10
Images Per Batch 1
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Last Edited 27th Jun 2019 11:15

Page Types

Data Page

Select for pages containing household schedules, institutions, shipping or any larger establishments

1.1. Header

1.1.1. Civil Parish

Located along the top row of the Census enumeration page are City or Borough of and Parish or Township of. Enter as given, for example for the Parish of 'St John Baptist' and City of 'Hereford' please enter both together 'St John Baptist Hereford'

1.2. Data

1.2.1. Street Address

Data from the first column of the enumeration form listed as Place. Enter for every member of each household. Do not enter uninhabited properties. If no street address is given, please check the previous image (using Image Navigation controls) otherwise enter the civil parish only. Do not include the word 'continued' if written.

1.2.2. Forename

In the third column of the enumeration page, extract and enter all full forenames, if given, for every person listed, including initials.

1.2.3. Surname

In the third column of the enumeration page, enter surname for every person listed.

1.2.4. Age

In in fourth columns of the enumeration page, enter into the Age field. Enter infant ages as eg: 10M, 9W, 3D.

1.2.5. Gender

Enter M (for Male) or F (for Female) according to column the Age has been written in.

1.2.6. Profession

In the fifth column of the enumeration page, enter professions as they are written.

1.2.7. Where Born

In the sixth column of the enumeration page, enter Yes or No accordingly for whether born in the same County, otherwise enter Scotland, Ireland, or Foreign for other abbreviations. Do not add any information that is not written on the image.

1.2.8. Folio Number

The folio number is a larger printed number located in the very top right corner of every other image. It is not the printed number in the top middle of each form - this is the original page number.

Unreadable Page

Select Unreadable Image if the text is completely indecipherable from the image.

2.1. Header

There are no fields required for this type.

2.2. Data

There are no fields required for this type.

No Data

Select No Data if the image does not have the type of information indexed in this project.

3.1. Header

There are no fields required for this type.

3.2. Data

There are no fields required for this type.