Criminal Records - Metropolitan Police Gazette, Apprehensions - 1921 March


Help transcribe various names from the Metropolitan Police Force's newspaper - the Police Gazette.
We require the transcription of the names of Apprehensions Sought across the country, Portraits of Persons Wanted and Persons in Custody.

Difficulty Level Notes

The text is a printed newspaper, but formats will vary for different lists. Please be aware that some pages can contain a lot of text to transcribe. Please only enter required data, and not insert additional data into incorrect columns.

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Difficulty Intermediate
Credits Per Row 10
Images Per Batch 1
Added 10th Dec 2018 15:50
Last Edited 23rd May 2019 14:41

Page Types


1.1. Header

There are no fields required for this type.

1.2. Data

1.2.1. Date of Gazette

The newspaper date as given at the top of the page e.g. Tuesday, January 8, 1901. Any other dates are not required.

1.2.2. Sub-heading

The sub-categories required are 'Apprehensions Sought', 'Portraits of Persons Wanted' and 'Persons in Custody'. We do not require the data from any other category. Note 'Apprehensions Sought' may continue after the 'Portraits of Persons Wanted' section.

1.2.3. District

Given under the sub-category heading

1.2.4. Division

Given under each District, for example 'B Division' or 'High Wycombe' (do not enter the number in front of the District - this is the Entry No which is to be entered in the next column)

1.2.5. Entry No

Given for each new entry - in front of or listed below each division

1.2.6. Forename

Please extract the Forename from the Name given in capital letters

1.2.7. Surname

Please extract the Surname from the Name in capital letters

1.2.8. Alias

Any alias name(s) given

1.2.9. Year of Birth

Enter year of birth, for example 'b. 1870' in the text - enter only '1870'

1.2.10. Native of

Enter only if a Native place is given within the text, otherwise leave blank

Unreadable Page

Select Unreadable Image if the text is completely indecipherable from the image.

2.1. Header

There are no fields required for this type.

2.2. Data

There are no fields required for this type.

No Data

Select No Data if the image does not have the type of information indexed in this project.

3.1. Header

There are no fields required for this type.

3.2. Data

There are no fields required for this type.