Electoral Roll - Dorset Absent Voters List, 1918-1919


The Dorset Absent Voters List of 1918-1919

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This is a photocopy of the original. The text is all printed and laid out in columns.

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Poll Page

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1.1. Header

1.1.1. Division

Given at the top of every page, only enter for example West Dorset Division

1.1.2. Polling District

Enter the Polling Distrct name only as given at the top of each page e.g. Beaminster (Polling District and "A" is not required)

1.1.3. Parish

Various parishes listed under each Polling District in parish sections. Please do not include the word continued.

1.2. Data

1.2.1. Title

e.g. Sir, Reverend, Hon. etc

1.2.2. Surname

Given in column (2) under the title Names in full (Surname first) before the comma

1.2.3. Forename

Given in column (2) under the title Names in full (Surname first) after the comma

1.2.4. Suffix

e.g. Esquire, Baronet, Junior, Senior, D.D. etc

1.2.5. Qualifying Premises

Given in column (3) under the title Qualifying Premises

1.2.6. Description of Service

Given in column (4) under the title Description of Service, Ship, Regiment, Number, Rank, Rating &c.... Please enter exactly as given.