Poll Book - Suffolk 1832


The Poll Book for the Eastern Division of the County of Suffolk, arranged in Polling Districts and Parishes, giving the residence of the Voters, and a description of the Franchise, taken Dec 17 and 18, 1832.

Difficulty Level Notes

The text is all printed and laid out in columns. There is a similarity between f and s in the old typeface used

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Difficulty Beginner
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Page Types

Poll Page

Select if contains a list of names

1.1. Header

1.1.1. District

Enter the location shown at the top of the page e.g. Ipswich

1.2. Data

1.2.1. Parish

Each Parish is located as a sub-heading under each District heading. If the Parish is not visible at the top of the page, select previous page to find Parish name.

1.2.2. Title

e.g. Sir, Reverend, etc

1.2.3. Surname

Given first, before the forename.

Note the use of the old style of s which can look like an f

1.2.4. Forename

As given after the surname

Note the use of the old style of s which can look like an f

1.2.5. Suffix

e.g. Esquire, Baronet, Junior, Senior, D.D. etc

1.2.6. Place of Abode

The Place of Abode is given in italics if the Voter owns property in the Parish, but resides elsewhere. Please only enter the data given italics in this field, do not fill if only a dash is given.