War Memorial - WW1 Roll of Honour Sutton Veny, Dorset


Transcribe war memorials from our sister UKIndexer photographing project. Preserve these vital records for future generations.

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Difficulty Level Notes

Images are photos taken outside of weathered memorials or inside buildings on brass plaques or behind glass for example, and as such the names can be difficult to read due to lighting or glare issues.

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Difficulty Beginner
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Page Types

Overview Photo

Select if this photo has been taken to show an overview of the area. e.g. notice boards, signs, photos of the church or large areas

1.1. Header

1.1.1. Description

Brief description of what the photo shows e.g. “Church notice board”

1.2. Data

There are no fields required for this type.

War Memorials

2.1. Header

2.1.1. Inscription

Enter the full inscription leaving the space entered for any names with square brackets [ ] if inscription then continues after the names.

If no inscription given bypass this header and continue with Step 3: Data and the transcription - the inscription may be in the following images, or there may be none at all.

2.2. Data

2.2.1. Title

Enter any title such as Lord, Sir, The Honourable, Mrs etc

2.2.2. Forename(s)

Enter the forename or initials

2.2.3. Surname

Enter the surname as it appears on the image.

2.2.4. Suffix

For conditions such as Junior, Senior etc.

2.2.5. Year(s) of War

Only enter the date of the War if given on the Memorial - for example 1914-1918, or 1939-1945, or 1917. Leave blank if no year is present.

2.2.6. Regiment

Enter the Regiment exactly as written, if given, on the memorial

2.2.7. Rank

Enter as given

2.2.8. Medals

Enter all medals or honours such as D.F.C., M.C., O.B.E., V.C.

2.2.9. Service Number

Not often given on a Memorial, please enter exactly as given if present

2.2.10. Date of Death

Specific date of death rarely given on a Memorial, however - if present this can be entered exactly as written

Example: 'August 21st, 1916'

2.2.11. Place of Death

Only enter if given per individual on the Memorial

Example: 'Guillemont, France'

2.2.12. Notes

For any other details mentioned, such as: age, place of birth, previous employment, etc

Example: 'Killed in action when leading D company in the attack, Aged 22'

Unreadable Page

Select Unreadable Image if the image is completely unreadable.

3.1. Header


Explain why this document is unreadable (if needed)

3.2. Data

There are no fields required for this type.