Nundah Historical Cemetery also known as German Station Cemetery

88 Hedley Avenue

Nundah, Brisbane



Queensland's oldest surviving cemetery and the first to be associated with free settlement in the colony.- Heritage listed cemetery (added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 21 October 1992).- Established in 1846 by a small group of German Lutheran missionaries who, in 1838, had founded Queensland's first free settlement, at Zion's Hill above Kedron Brook.- Encompasses almost four acres- 7 service personnel are buried in this cemetery whose graves are registered by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (6 from World War I and one from World War II)- The cemetery furnishes a unique record of the families who developed Nundah and surrounding districts from 1838. Included amongst the graves are those of many of the early German missionaries and their families, and that of former Queensland Premier Sir James Dickson (1898-9).- No new grave sites are available. Ashes interments are available in existing family graves. Burials in existing family graves may also be available, where the grave still has space or the last burial was more than 30 years ago. Family grave re-use is only available to direct descendants of the people already buried in the grave or those related to the burial right holder. - - -



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