Arbitration Documentation (checking the data entered in indexing)

Note: Arbitration is only available to selected indexers.

Each batch is (at minimum) double indexed, meaning different indexers go through the same batch and enter their interpretation of the records. Arbitration is the process of comparing differences between these transcripts and picking the most correct version. Further manual corrections can be made as a last resort if none of the indexers have put what you consider to be the correct value.

To get started, browse to a project and select . Note: as a batch can only be arbitrated once it has been indexed by multiple indexers, there can be times when a project has no batches available for arbitration, even if the percentage of indexed pieces is greater than the arbitrated ones.

Once you have volunteered, the project will appear in your account and you may open the arbitration tool.

If the indexers have selected differing page types for any images, this step will show allowing you to pick the correct one between their choices.

Once you have selected a choice for all images where this occurs you will be asked to continue to Step 2.

Note: If there are no mismatches, this step will automatically complete and you will start on Step 2.

On this step you will be shown all the rows of data each indexer has entered for an image aligned next to each other. This allows you to quickly see if there is a mismatch between them e.g. if an indexer misses out a row or transcribes the same row twice.

You have the option to move, remove and add rows so the rows of data match the image and up with each other.

Mark off each page as and at the end you will be asked to continue to step 3.

On this step you will be shown each line of transcribed data from the indexers and the final row which will be submitted as the “Arbitrated” entry.

Initially this is made up of the longest entry out of the indexers' data.

You have the option to swap to another indexer's entry (if it is different) or manually make changes to the data.

Mark off each page as and at the end you will be asked to submit this batch as arbitrated.