Transcription Documentation (transcribing the records on each page)

Each page first needs categorising into one of the available options shown. Each type will have a description to help you select the correct option.

Once you have selected the type, the data entry panel will change to Step 2.

If you make a mistake, this can be changed from the dropdown next to the toolbar, however keep in mind if you enter data and then change the page type your data will be lost, so ensure you have the correct type before continuing.

Header fields are expected to be on a per image basis, e.g. page number. So there should only be one row of data required for each page (it will be unusual to need to add any new lines to the table shown).

Click on the field heading within the table to view the instructions on how to correctly index each piece of data.

Go through each record shown on the image, click into the table in the relevant field and enter the data in the fields provided. Once you enter data and move out of the cell, a feedback symbol will then appear to show the entry has been saved.

This feedback checks the entered data to help pick up minor mistakes but should be ignored if the data you have entered matches the image.

Mandatory fields are marked with a star in the heading and must be filled in to pass the quality checks. If there really is no data on the image click into the field and press the “Blank” button in the toolbar to force this field as a blank entry.

Data fields are the bulk of the indexing project, there will normally be multiple records per image (it will be normal to have to add new rows to the table shown).

Follow the Step 2 instructions for each line of data on the image.

Note: you may choose to perform the steps above a page at a time, or perform the same step on each page before moving onto the next step (or any combination which suits how you wish to work).

Navigation Bar > Batch > Quality Check

Once you have completed all the steps above you must run the quality checker on this batch. You will be presented with a list of any errors and warnings for the batch with links to jump to that particular image.

Errors must be fixed before moving onto the next step.

Warnings should be considered but may be ignored if your transcript matches what is shown on the data.

Navigation Bar > Batch > Complete

This will check that all Quality Check errors have been completed and then mark the batch as completed.

You will be taken back to your account where you may select another batch to index if you wish.

  • Mark a “Required” field as [blank] when there is no data on the image. You do not need to mark any other fields specifically as [blank], simply leave them empty.
  • Mark a “Required” field as [unreadable] when there is data on the image but it is not possible to read it.
  • Copy the data from the cell above into the one you are currently in.
  • Insert a new row below the currently selected cell.
  • Delete the row the currently selected cell is in.
  • Move the row the currently selected cell is in upwards/downwards by one.
  • Insert a special character e.g. accented letters.
  • Drag to resize the table/image panel heights.